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Brothers GOLD Thick 'n' Rich Gourmet Barbecue Sauce Made from scratch over 20 years ago and up until now enjoyed by only family and friends. A taste referred to as the GOLD standard of sauce. A thick and rich mixture of mesquite flavoring, refined with a smooth velvety brown sugar taste topped off with a “kick”, making it second to none.


18 ozs. of Mesquite GOLD Gourmet  LOVE!


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12 jar case of Mesquite GOLD Gourmet LOVE! for the price of 11 jars

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  Taste buds don't lie.

Never have. Never will.

        An authentic Texas

               made product

          authorized by the 

               Texas Dept of


                  to carry the

              GO Texan seal


The History

  of our GOLD!

In 1987 the 3 King Brothers, George Jr., Barry, Darryl and their father "Daddy" King had a little friendly BBQ contest. Each was to create an original BBQ sauce (rumor has it that somebody didn’t create one). After the competition  Barry continued making batches of his sauce and gave it to family and friends. Almost everyone who tasted it wanted to know if they could get more of it and told Barry he should sell it if that was the only way they could get it.

In fact, to one sauce addicted friend of Barry's it lovingly became referred to as "The GOLD” --because he only served it if HE was pouring it

From this original recipe a new gold standard in gourmet sauces was born----Brothers Sauces!



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